The Fantastic Fair Traders who will be at the

Fair Trade Fair

 Saturday 28 April 1-5pm

The Elephant Emporium

The Elephant Emporium ensures Artisans and crafts people involved are paid fairly and equitably for their skilful work, which keeps families together with food on their table.

We build strong relationships with our Artisans, which broadens our understanding and appreciation of their needs, hopes and dreams. We then import the results of their creative workmanship, these unique and interesting products, making them available to you, the consumer. 

TEAR Australia is a movement of Christians in Australia responding to the needs of poor communities around the world. Their motivation comes from their belief that God loves all people, and in Christ offers them the opportunity of a new life. They believe that God is just, and has particular care for the poor and those who suffer as victims of injustice.

TEAR works in partnership with other Christian groups, including churches, relief and development agencies and community-based organisations, which are working with the poor in their communities. They seek to build effective relationships with these partners, grounded in mutual respect, trust and accountability.

Priority is given to those programs that strive to involve the most marginalised and exploited members of each community, regardless of their religious or political beliefs.

In Australia, their work seeks to inform and empower Christians, in partnership with local churches, to make a biblically-shaped response to suffering and oppressed communities.

Uplift Fair Trade

UPLIFT Fair Trade is a non-profit Fair Trade organisation with a vision to educate and empower Australians to ‘uplift’ people all over the world who are poor and marginalised. We exist to help grow the Fair Trade movement and put a stop to human trafficking and slavery.

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Apsara Ethical Gifts
Hands Across the Andes (HATA)

HATA's mission is to create a sustainable market for Peruvian handicrafts in Australia and to promote Peruvian Artisan skills, to ensure that artists receive a fair price for their professional skills.

They believe in empowering Peruvian communities by promoting fair-trade principles at markets and through community education programs.

Hands Across the Andes is linked with a children's charity Nazca Dreaming Society. This charity is an art-based, cross-cultural environmental education program that connects rural schools in Australia and Peru.

Apsara Ethical Gifts, for the socially conscious consumer.

Apsara Ethical Gifts supports sustainable jobs for artisans in communities where opportunities are scarce or simply nonexistent. We also support artisans who are committed to upcycling and recycling by creating new products from waste.

These social enterprises support a holistic approach, making it not only about paying a fair wage, but also building capacity, committing to work with marginalised people who need these opportunities the most, being good stewards of the environment, respecting cultural traditions, working collaboratively and engaging the producers in the decision-making process and developing long-term relationships.

Sanaa Afrika

Whollygrail launched in 2017 with a commitment to self, community, planet philosophy. We have designed a range of every day products that are GOTS certified organic and fair trade. Sheets, bath towels, kitchen linen, calico bags, baby wear and our yoga range. We also have a great range of non toxic, personal care products - coconut and olive oil soaps, face wash, hand soap, deodorant, essential oils and our amazing greener cleaner. 

In business with African artists and artisans since 2003,  Sanaa Afrika's focus is on traditional expressions of culture in a contemporary form.  Of high importance is provenance and they focus on long-term business relationships, which is one of the 10 principles of fair trade. They adhere to all ten principles including business transparency, paying a fair price, non-discrimination and gender equality, facilitating good working conditions and respect for the environment.

Sanaa Afrika offers an omni-channel customer experience. This includes wholesale, retail, online, event management, community engagement and business support. Advocacy of fair and ethical trade is built-in to all their activities.

Global Conduct

Afribeads' mission is to offer beautiful Ugandan products to markets in other countries, while partnering with communities in Uganda to give people self sufficiency, the independence to care for their families and the opportunity to make their own decisions about their future.

Their vision is 

    • To be a socially proactive business, providing trade links to improve the lives of the Ugandan people

    • To encourage our Ugandan partners to speak for themselves and make their own decisions

    • To achieve a regular and living wage for the Ugandan producers

    • To help the producers, their families and the local community in other areas such as health and education

    • Operate using Fair Trade principles

    • Develop long term relationships based on trust and mutual respect with the Ugandan people, respecting their cultural identity

Siham Craftlink

Siham Craftlink Pty Ltd was founded in June, 2000.

Pam the Director, was previously a volunteer for World Vision Australia. In her capacity as President of the Brisbane World Vision Club, one of her very pleasant joys was selling the glorious range of handicrafts.The array of handicrafts were initially sourced from the Hill tribes in Thailand. Over the years the rich cultural diversity of craft grew as did Pam’s love of the handcrafts. The artisans touched Pam’s heart as they continue to do to this very day. In the 80’s and 90’s, the craft wasn’t “labelled” as Fair Trade but the purpose was, and remains today, to assist some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in our world through the sale of the craft.

Global Conduct began as an idea in early 2006 by Lisa Redmond. She wanted to seek out the highest quality handcrafted goods directly from the producers with an emphasis on quality and fair trade principles.

Ten years later, in April 2016, the business moved to Sydney. It was purchased by Zoe and Gai - two women passionate to continue the vision of promoting fair trade options. Gai and Zoe continue to cultivate relationships with overseas producers and endeavour to provide the community with quality fair trade products.

Global Conduct's goods are currently sourced from across India, Nepal, Vietnam, Cambodia and East Timor. As we grow we hope to be able to include producers in other regions and expand our product range.

The basic philosophies that they stand by are based on the fair trade principles.


Ethica Accessories (Mary MacKillop International) is a non for profit organisation specialising in quality fair trade products.

Following Mary MacKillops legacy of helping those in need, Ethica accessories provides employment and income for over 200 women in Peru. 

Women receive training and direct payment for their work. 

It is a strategy for poverty alleviation and sustainable development that maintains the dignity of the women and teaches them skills for the future. Many of the women they seek to help would be unemployed without this scheme. The money they receive is used for food, medicine and other basic needs. 

The Sisters of St Joseph started four groups around Peru that make products for the Ethica Accessories range: they are located in Lima, Pitumarca and Tarma. 

Their biggest success has been to see the women regain their dignity and confidence. They have also entered a new phase and are ready to take responsibility for their own future.


  • Home wares, bags and purses, accessories, alpaca ponchos, jumpers, scarves, beanies, socks and gloves, Christmas decorations, cards