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Everyday Fair Trade, Everyday Living

Grant and Mignonne, the owners and founders of Tribes and Nations, have an online store. It is currently changing its focus to bringing us products which we will use in our everyday lives, not just for gifts. Their quality Fair Trade coffee is roasted to order and this, along with teas and other everyday products will be their new main lines.

Mignonne says: "We base this on the age-old truth that God’s people should care for the poor; it shouldn’t be a once a year thing but a constant". They seek to enable people to easily access Fair Trade goods and to think about them in their weekly shop, not just for gifts.

"I will never forget reading the ‘parable of the good Samaritan’ (Luke 10:25-37) on our return from Tanzania (2003). I saw it with fresh eyes. I had always seen the “church officials/leaders walk by”, but this time my heart was pierced …Am I one of those people who are walking by? The realisation was hard; I had to get involved and fair trade was how I could express it. I knew the poor made beautiful, useful products that we in the west would appreciate and value, and I wanted a fair trade store that just did that."

Grant was just as enthusiastic to do something:-“Perhaps due to some relatively small struggles I had in my earlier life I have always had a soft spot for the strugglers of this world. In 1988 I had the blessing of working in a drug rehab centre in New Delhi with a friend. In the surrounding suburbs of Delhi I saw people living in such closeness to the edge of life it startled me.

Later when we as a family lived in Tanzania for almost 5 years we witnessed part of the flipside of poverty, in unfair trade. It was hard to believe that people could treat other people so rigidly, without compassion or care for their rights. Worse still this “grinding of the poor” seemed a given. If the bottom line was affected the lowest worker would bear the pain.

On returning home in January 2003 we heard about an amazing thing called “fair trade” that was booming in the UK. What was doubly exciting for us as Christians was that the church had been a big part of taking this forward into the community. We hoped we could follow in their footsteps.”

To learn more about how their business has developed, where their focus lies, and what products they offer and how they support congregations wishing to get involved in Fair Trade initiatives, go to their website: It's here: https://tribesandnations.com.au, or click on the image of Grant and Mignonne, above, to link to Tribes and Nations.

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