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Be Love. End Poverty.

One of the key speakers at the conference, Reverend Scott Higgins writes a thoughtful blog. Many of his topics are very pertinent to Fair Trade and to ethical living in general. Scott comes from a Christian perspective and offers thought provoking writing. His blog is at scottjhiggins.com and you can look though 'Topics' to read pieces that interest you: Child Labour, Ethical consumption and other related areas.

Scott was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 2011 and says that he hopes his blog will be one of the tools that will keep him in touch with the world, thinking about life and faith, keep his hand in the teaching ministry that he loves and which God seems to have used, and to serve as a vehicle for engaging thoughtfully with fellow travellers.

Scott used to work for Baptist World Aid and their tag line is "Be love. End poverty." As Christians we can hardly sum it up better, we have a responsibility to act in love and to do so will make a difference. Collectively many small differences make a big difference.

I am very much looking forward to hearing Scott speak at our Sunday service in Queanbeyan.

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