• Rev. John Martin

Why bother?

People tell me that they are a Christian, but they just don't go to church. I find that odd. How can you grow? How do you practise your faith, how are you challenged and encouraged if not by others who also believe?

Our church in Bangalow/Byron Bay has been a supporter and advocate for Fair Trade for over 10 years now. We hold annual events and stalls to promote the idea. We persuaded our town Chamber of Commerce to become accredited as a Fair Trade town - all without really knowing about the ins and outs, the 'nitty gritty' of the movement! As the main proponent of this activity of our church, I have often felt isolated and ignorant. And it occurs to me that there are probably many others like me. They understand the bare bones of Fair Trade and they'd like to know more. They'd like to understand better what it's all about, and how it works. They'd like to talk to producers, wholesalers, organisations that champion Fair Trade, and people who can help them to promote it and provide support and resources. And, they would like teaching and guidance on how all of this fits with a Christian faith- why should we bother with it at all?

For me, the Fair Trade Faith Conference provides all that, and more. I want to understand it better, see it in action, meet like minded others, and network ideas and experiences. Do you? What a great opportunity to join the dots and to get to grips with Fair Trade as an expression of our faith. April is approaching fast...time to register! Invite your friends and let's make this a memorable event.

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