• Rev. John Martin

Tick Tock, Tick Tock...

Just one month to go until our first Fair Trade Faith Conference kicks off with a line-up of excellent speakers, knowledgeable panelists and an array of exhibitors for the Saturday afternoon open Fair Trade Fair. Last minute arrangements are being made and it would be great to have registrations confirmed very soon so that we can finalise catering, seating etc etc.

This is a first for Australia, and we'd love to make it a resounding success. Wed love to see many people taking home to their own churches and faith groups new knowledge, ideas and insight into Fair Trade and connecting it with God's purpose for us, and His desire that we as Christians should treat our fellow humans with respect and dignity, including ensuring that their labours are not undervalued or underpaid and that they and their children are not exploited by big business, nor by us as consumers.

Whilst munching on your Fair Trade Easter egg this weekend, why not think about joining the conference and getting your registration in. We are looking forward to meeting all you like-minded people for a wonderful time of learning, worship, sharing and networking.

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