• Corinne Nash and John Martin

A Prayer for the Conference

With only days to go until our very first Fair Trade Faith Conference kicks off, some of us are up to our eyes in practical preparations and busyness. Here, from John, in a very timely manner, is a prayer to recentre our focus on why we are even bothering. Thanks John. I needed that reminder.

A Prayer for the Conference

Loving and Eternal God, we pray for the Fair Trade Faith Conference in Queanbeyan at the end of April.

We hold before you the speakers Jonathan Cornford, Keith Suter and Scott Higgins.

Bless those who will form part of panel and other discussions.

We ask you to be with the Queanbeyan Congregation of the Uniting Church as they prepare to host this event and those responsible for the planning.

We ask your blessing on Brian and Corinne, our caterers, as they travel and prepare the food to sustain the Conference people.

Thank you for those who have Registered for the Conference and the Dinner and Lecture.

We pray for those who might still be thinking about coming.

We pray for the Fair Trade Fair on the Saturday afternoon, for the stall holders and those who will visit and make purchases.

Lord, we are aware that sometimes our own thoughts and feelings limit your actions.

We pray for the workers of the world, those whose labour and skill provide for our needs.

May this conference be a time for information, encouragement and planning for action as we seek ways to awaken ourselves and others to injustices that can be righted by treating all people as if we really believe they are created in your image.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord,



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