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Conference Registrations Open!

Christmas Day has passed once more and we have celebrated the birth of Christ Jesus, some with great mounds of gifts and laden tables of calorific yet delicious food, others in a more humble way. The new year - 2019 - looms and what do we hope for the year ahead? A more peaceful, fairer world would be close to the top of many people's wish lists. In supporting and promoting Fair Trade in our own lives and communities and through our church communities we can make a difference to many tens of thousands of lives, using trade not charity to sustain the impact of our actions.

To kick off the new year, we have opened registrations for the 2019 Fair Trade Faith Conference. You can now go to the registration page, click on "Register" and choose the type of registration that best suits you. Then, if you live away from the Blue Mountains, secure some nearby accommodation.

With Rev. John Bell of the Iona Community, Scotland, coming to be the keynote speaker, it will be a wonderful and inspiring time. We hope that those who come will go away having learnt something and with a heart inspired to do more about Fair Trade back in their faith groups.

Here is a prayer to start the 2019 Fair Trade journey:

(Acknowledgement www.fairtrade.org.uk)

God of love and justice,

we give thanks for the gifts planted in all of us. We remember the power we embody when we share these gifts: the compassion and understanding,the fire, and the vigour.

We honour your Word living within us, inspiring people to protest at greed, to work for justice,

to passionately share their resources and cherish all life.

Yours is the outspoken love, Yours is the outrageous hope, Yours is the extravagant mercy. So to you be the honour and the power and the glory,


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