• John Martin

The Work Behind Every Loaf

Back of the bread is the flour,

And back of the flour is the mill, And back of the mill is the wind and the rain, And the Father's will.

So goes the old table grace which explains that the will of God is behind all the work and effort that goes into the production of a loaf of bread. Unexpressed but implied is the work of planting the seed to grow the wheat, the grinding of the grain to make the flour and the mixing and baking resulting in the bread we eat.

It is a reminder that behind every product we purchase and use there lies the labour of people: growing, transporting and manufacturing at various stages the food we eat, the clothes we wear and the myriad other products we take for granted.

Just as this old grace urges us not to take something as simple as a loaf of bread for granted, the fair trade movement encourages us to take heed of all that goes into the goods and service we take for granted and to ensure fair wages, good working conditions and environmental sustainability in everything.

Can this be anything other than the Father’s will?

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