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Mignonne Inspires Us to Live out our Beliefs

Mignonne Murray, along with her husband Grant operate Tribes and Nations, https://tribesandnations.com.au a fair trade enterprise based at Faulconbridge in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales.

Motivated by their Christian faith and a concern for the poor experienced while working as missionaries in Tanzania, Grant and Mignonne established Tribes and Nations in 2005 as a ‘just alternative’ to unfair trade.

It will be a joy to have Mignonne and Grant with their passion for the Gospel and for communicating the fair trade message to young people at the Conference.

Here is a summary of the workshop they will be presenting on Saturday 1st June, 2019:

#GrowGood(TM) - a higher calling for everyday living

In this day and age where the calling to be a preacher, teacher, missionary or evangelist is often spoken about, what about us mums and dads, bricklayers, office worker, supermarket workers, interior designers, business-people, those of us in the workforce, whats our calling before our heavenly Father?

#GrowGood(TM) is Tribes and Nations new venture in seeking to share the higher calling in daily life. It is based on Isaiah 58, which has been our guiding light over the years, with God drawing me, Mignonne, to reflect on practices that give everyday life, a deeper meaning.,

It involves #pray – we tent with God each day

#livefair – we love our neighbour each day

#rest - we breakout each day

At this conference, we will run a workshop on these God given practices that enrich and give greater satisfaction to daily living.

The pods are interactive, so bring your ideas, thoughts and creative ways.

Lets enjoy the collaboration. All welcome.

Read more about Mignonne and Grant’ story at their website. https://tribesandnations.com.au While there you can explore and order the fair trade products they have for sale.

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