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Support for Fair Trade Faith Groups

As a group newly engaging in actively promoting Fair Trade you may wonder where you can find information and other useful resources.

This is a list of useful websites and other places which may help and encourage churches in their quest to establish and maintain fair trade as part of the culture of their congregation.

Worship Resources

Traidcraft in the UK have been marketing fair trade products for over 35 years. As a Christian group they are a good source of liturgies and ideas. www.traidcraft.co.uk

Christian World Service in New Zealand has produced worship resources for Fair Trade Fortnight for a number of years. These can be accessed at their website www.cws.org.nz. Select ‘Resources’, click on ‘Church’ and follow the alphabetical list down to ‘Trade’. There also some useful links

Books and Videos

Let Justice Flow (United Reformed Church of the UK) is a resource book on social justice for people of all ages. Although set in the British context there are some useful ideas for groups in the world trade section. Access online: https://urc.org.uk/images/Discipleship/Children2015/SJustice_2015_FINAL.pdf

Baptist World Aid Australia. Resources on issues of social justice including slavery and fair trade. https://baptistworldaid.org.au/resource-category/bible-studies/

An excellent introduction to Fairtrade video less than 4 minutes and ideal for Sunday worship.


Useful Fair Trade related organisations

Fair Trade Association (FTA) www.fta.org.au

The FTA is the peak agency driving the growth of the Fair Trade Movement in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. It is a member driven not-for-profit organisation that:

  • increases awareness, understanding and support of Fair Trade;

  • supports the development of a strong and sustainable Fair Trade movement;

  • links producers in South East Asia and the Pacific with Fair Trade markets.

Information on becoming a Fair Trade Faith Group

The Fair Trade Association Faith Groups programme aims to encourage and support churches to become communities where the fair trade culture exists. Guidelines for Faith Groups and an application form are available at www.fta.org.au Follow links: ‘Get involved’ ‘Fair Trade Communities’ ‘Fair Trade Faith Groups.’

Fairtrade Australia

Fairtrade is a product certification mark. A business can use the Fairtrade Mark on products which have been certified as meeting international Fairtrade standards. Look for this mark on Tea, coffee, chocolate and some other items in supermarkets.

A lot of information about the Mark and producer groups is on the website: www.fairtrade.com.au. Go to ‘Get involved’, then ‘In Your Community’ for some excellent promotional materials.

Ethical Electronics and Fashion Guides seek to empower us to purchase from companies that treat the workers ethically. Go to www.behindthebarcode.org.au for helpful information and how to access the guides in print and electronic versions.

Shop Ethical Book, App and Web. Assist you in making informed purchasing decisions in supermarkets and beyond. Sign up for regular updates. www.shopethical.org.au

STOP THE TRAFFIK is a global movement of individuals, communities and organisations fighting to prevent human trafficking around the world. They unite people around the world through their global campaigns. They believe they are stronger and can create greater change when we work together. The website has a link to Australia’s Modern Slavery Act, 2018 www.stopthetraffik.com.au

Worth reading on Fair Trade

The Journal of Fair Trade is a new international journal launched by the Fair Trade Society to reclaim the best practices and values that contribute to mutuality and fairness in trade. https://www.joft.org.uk

‘What She Makes’ A comprehensive report by Oxfam Australia on the supply chain of clothes sold in Australia https://whatshemakes.oxfam.org.au/resources/ Video at: https://youtu.be/WfVWt3Z1d3g

‘Blood, sweat and T-shirts’ This is the third of a three-part series where three young Brits are exposed to sweatshops of Asia.


Fair Trade: A Christian Ethical Perspective by the Revd Richard Tucker

This paper looks at the Christian ethical credentials of fair trade and asks how far it is valid as an expression of Christian mission. https://rethinkingmission.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/fairtrade.pdf

This is an interesting link to papers discussing fair trade and public theology in the UK


To help counter the fair trade nay-sayers Patrick Say, of the Fairtrade Foundation in the UK has written a blog on the seven things people get wrong about Fairtrade. The context is UK but it applies here. https://www.fairtrade.org.uk/Media-Centre/Blog/2019/February/7-things-people-get-wrong-about-Fairtrade

Fiction? Faction?

Corban Addison http://corbanaddison.com has written several novels, described as ‘faction’, on justice themes such as human trafficking and under age prostitution in Africa and Asia.

A Harvest of Thorns (2017) relates to a building fire in Bangladesh similar to the Rana Plaza collapse of 2013. Unlike most novels it has discussion questions in the back.

Produced by the Rev John Martin, retired Uniting Church Minister and volunteer with the Fair Trade Association revj@aapt.net.au Email John for a soft copy with links.

Updated 23.5.19

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