The proposed programme for the 2019 conference is now here. It focusses on both Christian teaching in relation to Fair Trade as well as practical help, ideas and resources for use in faith groups.

08.30am // Registration/Welcome table open.

09.00am // Welcome -  Acknowledgement of First People. Information/ Where help can be obtained, in Worship space.

09.30am // Keynote Speaker One; John Bell, in Worship space

11.00am // Morning Tea

11.30am // "Keynote Speaker session two: John Bell, in Worship space. 

1:00pm // Lunch

2:00pm // Workshop One: Modern Slavery Act in Australia  Presented by Carolyn Kitto.

3.30pm // Afternoon tea

4.00pm// Workshop Two: Fair Trade and the Local Congregation Presented by Leigh Gardiner and Anna Spoore

6.00pm// Dinner including first hand stories relating to impact of Fair Trade principles

7.30/8pm// Prayers and Close of Day- Transport to accommodation. 


8:30am // Coffee and Mingling

9:00am // Worship in Worship space

9:15am // Keynote Speaker session three: John Bell, in worship space

10:45am // Morning Tea

11:15am // Workshop Three. Faith Based resource Modules for Young Millennials. Presented by Mignonne Murray

1.00pm // Lunch

2.00pm // Small group distillation, sharing ideas in small groups.

3:30pm // Afternoon tea

4.00pm // Plenary session - What have I learnt? What will I take away? What am I inspired to do?

5.00pm // Close of conference.

6.30pm // Dinner

7.30pm // Noelene Martin  Fair Trade Lecture, then light supper.

9.00pm Close